Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Hungry Child at a Time

Kira Andreucci

17 million children go to bed hungry and wake up hungry every day in America. That’s 1 in 4. For 11-year-old Kira Andreucci from Fitchburg, MA that is not acceptable. Last year Kira took her birthday money and made “kidpacks”, bags filled with food for a few local students to take home. From this humble beginning Karing 4 Kidz was launched. United Way has entered Kira in their Community Builders Star Projects Competition and now Kira has a chance to win $1,000.00 to put towards more food for more children. Please read the article in today’s Fitchburg Sentinel, view Kira’s blog and vote for her and Karing 4 Kidz on the United Way website.