Monday, April 26, 2010

Historic Piano Concerts

Summer Concert Series

The purpose of the Frederick Piano Collection is to give musicians and music lovers a chance to hear works by major piano composers, played on pianos such as those the composers knew, and for which their music was conceived.

The Collection includes only grand pianos, by important makers whose instruments were highly regarded in their day, acquired in basically good condition, with most of their original materials intact (especially soundboards). It aims to match each instrument to a specific composer or generation of composers known to have used or preferred that make and vintage of piano. The period of pianos in the Collection extends from about 1790 to 1907, representing music from Haydn and Beethoven through the French Impressionists

All concerts are held at the Ashburnham Community Church on Sunday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise stated. Admission: $10.00 per adult. Children and students, free.

May 9 - Emma Tahmiziàn, piano. A program titled Dancing with Chopin, Schumann, Brahms, and Dvořák. Piano to be selected from The Frederick Collection.

May 16 - Stephen Porter, piano performing selections by Ravel, Debussy, and the Sonata in B Minor by Liszt. Piano by Erard, Paris, 1877.

May 23 - Manabu Takasawa, piano. An All French Program with music by Fauré, Ravel, Franck, and Debussy. Piano by Erard, Paris, 1877.

May 30 - Shuann Chai, piano. Nocturnes and Etudes by Chopin, Henselt, Moscheles, and Liszt, along with pieces by both Robert and Clara Schumann. Piano by Erard, Paris, 1840.

June 6 - Yi-heng Yang, piano, performing Beethoven, Sonata No. 31, and Robert Schumann selections. Piano by Tröndlin, Leipzig c. 1830.